Greetings! My name is Rand Gholson and I teach healing work! 

My healing work utilizes both formal training and a lifetime of working with the energies that move through my hands and energy systems.  

I’ve completed all levels of training available in Eden Energy Medicine and am an Advanced Practitioner in that certification. I enjoy a foundational relationship with my mentor and teacher, Donna Eden. I hold a faculty position with the four year Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program. 

Currently I am teaching two different Paths of Healing Work locally. One path is for those who work energy through their hands and is called “Heart and Hand Healing”, the other path is shamanic and angelic healing and is called “ Heart and Third Eye Healing”. I teach these in module format consisting of series of 3-hour classes to cover each modules total hours. These classes average twice a month in the evenings. 

I travel doing workshops in the above studies as well as teaching in Phoenix quarterly for the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program. I encourage community hosts to work with me in bringing these trainings to their communities. If you are interested in this, please contact me so we develop the arrangements for workshops.