About Ananda transformation sessions by Annette Raven Jones

My transformation sessions can include reading your energy bodies, clearing & healing your chakras, also any past life information that might come through that pertains to your questions and anything else spirit might want to include. I have also begun working with essential oils so I am happy to create an oil blend intuited especially for you. If you'd like to learn more about essential oils check out my DoTERRA Wellness Page at my.doterra.com/anandatransformations

My mission is to help you live a more empowered, positively focused and happier life by removing your energetic obstacles. Nothing brings me greater joy than assisting you to be more connected to your own guidance and heart felt wisdom.  A clear energy body helps to keep you connected to that wisdom.

A little about my Vibrational healing journey:

I have been a seeker of spiritual knowledge for most of my life with an emphasis on energy healing. I began practicing energy/vibrational healing over 20 years ago with Reiki. Since being initiated in that important modality by Lois Wetzel so many years ago I have also studied Electro Magnetic Field Balancing and iPhoenix energy healing modalities with Peggy Phoenix Dubro

About 6 years ago I began developing my own vibrational healing modality for clearing, balancing and healing chakras. Through my chakra clearing work I realized that I was a conduit for spiritual insight from my client's guides as well as my own spirit guides. In a quest to hone this ability and learn more about doing transformational readings for clients I began an apprenticeship with Danae Shanti. Working with Danae gave me a much better understanding of how my energy works and how I use it to help others to heal.   

I'd love the opportunity to use my gifts and abilities to help you create a more blissful life.

My one on one sessions are $80 and last approximately an hour.



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Contact me! Let me know if you  have any questions or comments.

I'd love to hear from you! nettjones@mac.com